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Travels have been are my passion for ages. Thanks to circumstances of the fate, the work has let me connect what is nice and useful. Long-standing experience in the industry of business tourism and the passion and the creativity guided me to create something our own – Polish Adventure Team, a company which forms a extraordinary group of people from Poland and abroad. Our characterized experience, enthusiasm and the professionalism care for the slightest details and interests of our clients. It is worth to trust us.

Polish Adventure Team consists of:


Michał (Event Manager)

A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education at the Department of Tourism. He has completed postgraduate studies in geography and ancient culture. A trapper and a globetrotter who has self-crossed almost the whole of Europe and Africa. In the PAT, he is responsible for trips to Northern and Central Poland, The United Kingdom (including Ireland), the United States of America and Africa.

Renata  Kombor

Renata Kombor (General Manager Business Tourism)

Renata Kombor


Martin (Event Manager)

A musician and a photographer, he is passionate about extreme sports. In the PAT, ski, snowboarding and surfing instructor.


Nandaka (Event Manager)

A polyglot and a lover of exotic travels, with a cultural education. He is developing his knowledge and passion by traveling around the world - particularly in areas of Southeast Asia and Oceania.

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